110 Avenue Rd

By Sierra Communities

The new condominium development at 110 Avenue Road, known as One Ten, is an exclusive project by Sierra Communities offering 54 private residences in the prestigious Yorkville neighborhood. Designed by the acclaimed Richard Wengle Architect, this boutique building combines modern luxury with artistic inspiration, reflecting the sophisticated ambiance of Yorkville. Residents will enjoy proximity to cultural landmarks, high-end shopping, and gourmet dining, ensuring a lifestyle of convenience and elegance.


Residents of the new condo will benefit from a host of amenities designed to enhance their quality of life. While specific details are yet to be fully disclosed, Sierra Communities typically includes features such as state-of-the-art fitness centers, rooftop terraces, and communal lounges in their projects. These facilities not only offer convenience but also create a sense of community among residents. Additionally, the prime location of 110 Avenue Road means that essential services, entertainment options, and public transportation are all within easy reach, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a dynamic urban lifestyle.


Sierra Communities has a reputation for constructing homes that emphasize both style and functionality, and the new development at 110 Avenue Road is expected to continue this tradition. The architectural design of the condo will likely feature sleek, contemporary lines and sophisticated finishes, catering to the tastes of discerning urban dwellers. With a focus on sustainability and smart home technologies, the development aims to provide an eco-friendly living environment without compromising on luxury.

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